My Velcro Dogs

My Velcro Dogs
Louie, Bradley and Echo

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Making some progress

We've gotten a little more training time than we got last week (Thank God). He's doing pretty well with the clicker training as long as he's hungry at the time. At other times he'll flat out refuse the treats, which defeats the purpose. He's getting the hang of "heel" but not quite on command yet.

His performance really depends on the temperature outside. If he gets hot, he'll have no interest in training whatsoever. I can't blame him. However, it makes me wish I didn't get him right before summer :) Hopefully he'll be able to tolerate the cold more than the heat, as it's cold her in Connecticut much longer than it's hot! I'm anxiously awaiting the cooler weather.

I just ordered Teamwork by Stewart Nordensson and Lydia Kelley and a DVD/CD set called "How to Clicker Train Your Own Assistance Dog". Hopefully these resources will get us off to a good start.

*Minor success of the day (and it's only 8 AM!): I think he's starting to learn that he can't explode with enthusiasm every time he meets another dog. He still gets extremely excited and jumps all over the place but once I get him to sit, he remains under control for the most part. This gives me high hopes for the progress he's capable of making :)

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Logan said...

Good luck with your training. Bradley refusing food could also be a stress reaction, note when this happens and what's going on. I am a service dog and occasionally refuse food and then mom knows I am stressed and to address the issue.